Library HITS (Helpful Information for Trinity Students/Staff) Training Sessions – Third Week

Last chance this year! Students and staff are invited to join us in the Library for one or more of these information sessions. Please come along to the Berkeley Library Basement: classes will be in the North Training Room.

No booking is necessary. We look forward to meeting you and answering all your Library-related questions. For full details see our brochure.

This week’s training sessions:

Monday 12th

11:05 EndNote Online (1hour)

13:05 The Literature Review Process

15:05 Academic Use of Social Media

Tuesday 13th

11:05 Evaluating Journal Research Papers

13:05 The DIY Library

15:05 Citation and Plagiarism

Wednesday 14th

11:05 Library Catalogue and Reading Lists

13:05 Introduction to the Library

15:05 Publishing and Promoting your Research

Thursday 15th

11:05 Evaluating Information on the Web

13:05 EndNote Online (1 hour)

15:05 The Literature Review Process

Friday 16th

11:05 Citation and Plagiarism

13:05 Library Catalogue and Reading Lists

15:05 EndNote Online (1 hour)


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