Library HITS (Helpful Information for Trinity Students/Staff) Training Sessions – Second Week

Students and staff are invited to join us in the Library for one or more of these information sessions. Please come along to the Berkeley Library Basement: classes will be in the North Training Room.

No booking is necessary. We look forward to meeting you and answering all your Library-related questions. For full details see our brochure.

Monday 5th

11:05 EndNote Online (1 hour)

13:05 Special Collections: Early Printed Books and Manuscripts & Archives Research Library

15:05 Evaluating Journal Research Papers

Tuesday 6th

11:05 Digital Library Collections

13:05 Publishing and Promoting your Research

15:05 Introduction to the Library

Wednesday 7th

11:05 Citation and Plagiarism

13:05 EndNote Online (1 hour)

15:05 Evaluating information on the Web

Thursday 8th

11:05 Introduction to the Library

13:05 The DIY Library

15:05 Library Catalogue and Reading Lists

Friday 9th

11:05 Savvy Internet Searching

13:05 The Literature Review Process

15:05 EndNote Online (1 hour)


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