Book of Kells Now Free to View Online

MS58_fol_27vThe Library of Trinity College Dublin would like to announce that the Book of Kells in its entirety is now viewable in the Library’s new Digital Collections online repository, provided by the Library’s Digital Resources and Imaging Services.

Direct link to the Book of Kells online

The Book of Kells transparencies, originally captured by Faksimile Verlag, Lucerne, Switzerland in 1990, have recently been rescanned using state of the art imaging technology. These new digital images offer the most accurate high resolution images to date, providing an experience second only to viewing the book in person.

In addition, we would like to direct you to the new iPad app of the Book of Kells, with added functionality and commentary.

Have you seen the new volume on the Book of Kells by Trinity’s Head of Research Collections and Keeper of Manuscripts, Dr Bernard Meehan? It’s been receiving fantastic reviews. Available at all good bookshops or directly from the Library Shop.

76 thoughts on “Book of Kells Now Free to View Online

  1. I purchased The Book of Kells by Dr. Bernard Meehan last July on and it is immensely helpful in understanding the history and artistry of it. My appreciation of the Kells has been greatly enhanced by this book. Thank you very much.

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    In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, you can browse the gorgeous Book of Kells online. If you have an iPad, you can download an iPad app.

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    I am so pleased to see THE BOOK OF KELLS now available for us all to view. Many thanks to Trinity College and to Faksimile Verlag, Lucerne, Switzerland who offered me a copy of the book some 24 years ago. Unfortunately I was unable to come up with the asking price.

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  5. How absolutely wonderful. I remember seeing The Book of Kells, while a visitor in Dublin, and was so in awe, of the historical significance of that manuscript. Brid Conneeley, retired librarian was our guide, the whole experience being at the library was just so amazing. I am a retired public librarian- and so value the whole field. Sincerely Wenona Peret Spencer U.S.A.

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    In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the announcement from Trinity College Dublin, that the entire text of the Book of Kells, the early medieval gospel book famous for its beautiful and elaborate decoration, is now freely available online. Trinity College has even developed an iPad app for it. Wonderful!

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  11. Bravo for the Book of Kells online, From France
    Nous ne nous lasserons jamais de le contempler page par page…

    • It is just wonderful to be able to access the Book Kells site. Really great. We saw them at Trinity, several years ago- and it was more than awesome..,,I’ve never forgotten..them. thank you to the recent technology, for allowing that kind of transfer to happen. Wenona Peret spencer.

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  15. Still a marvel after all those years……Time has no meaning. The story is a mighty animal.

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  20. I’m just wandering can you purchase a copy of the book of kells if possible? And if so where and or through who? And if so is it a replica of the real book?

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    Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all! In addition to this incredibly cool news from the folks at Trinity in Dublin, let me also point you at a beautiful manuscript scan of Irish poetry from the folks at Houghton’s rare books library at Harvard ( and something for the fasion and history minded over at ‘OMGthatdress’ (

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  32. I have a scarf with some writing in latin on it and would like it translated.
    Was wondering if anyone could help.
    Mitce? Or could be Micce
    Hreiau? Not to sure it almost looks like Gaelic script. Cheers.
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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  35. The Book of Kells is, in my humble opinion, the greatest instructional work of art in the world today. The medieval worldview has a lot to teach us in our morally relativist age.

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