Trinity Week celebrations 2013: The Irish Diaspora – On Bolus Head

Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael

Running 25 March 2013 till end April 2013.

As part of Trinity Week 2013, on the theme of the Irish Diaspora, the College Library is pleased to present, under the auspices of the School of English and the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies, and with the support of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, a display in the Long Room of the original etchings (texts and images) from On Bolus Head, by the Irish American artists Michael Carter and Brian Gormley. Published by Cill Rialaig and En Garde Books, the portfolio, kindly donated to the College Library by the artists, will be exhibited from 25 March till end April 2013.

Based on poems written by Michael Carter and associated images created by Brian Gormley during residencies at the Cill Rialaig Project in Co. Kerry, the On Bolus Head series (2011), etched on 38 metal plates in an edition of 20 at the Cill Rialaig Print Centre, is an artist’s book inspired by personal experiences and observations upon the history, mythology and landscape of Kerry, particularly the environs of Cill Rialaig and Bolus Head, a point at the extreme southwest of Ireland.

The portfolio, and its printed facsimile edition, are prefaced by David Scott, Professor of French (Textual & Visual Studies) at Trinity College Dublin, a specialist in the field of text/image interaction, who writes:
Like many artists’ books since their heyday in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Michael Carter’s and Brian Gormley’s On Bolus Head, in setting out to explore one of the wildest and most magical corners of Ireland at the same time investigates the complementary relation between text and image. In it we see two different media mastered by two different artistic temperaments responding to a common environment – in this case that wild and romantic extremity of the Kerry coast that is Bolus Head -, aware of each other’s approach but exploring the potential of their different media in relation to a common scene.

Michael Carter is a poet, critic and essayist, and publisher of the quintessential East Village arts and literary ‘zine redtape. Author of Broken Noses and Metempsychoses, his work has been published in numerous anthologies.
Brian Gormley is an internationally acclaimed painter and printmaker who has exhibited his prints at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and The Graphic Studio Dublin, among other venues in Ireland and abroad.
Rising from the ruins of a pre-famine village near Bolus Head, The Cill Rialaig Project was founded in 1991 by Noelle Campbell-Sharp and has provided haven and retreat to thousands of artists; it is currently celebrating its 21st anniversary with multiple events across Ireland, including this presentation of On Bolus Head.

2 thoughts on “Trinity Week celebrations 2013: The Irish Diaspora – On Bolus Head

  1. We will be visiting Trinity College on June 23 and 24th from the USA.
    Will there be a special exhibition during that time?

    • Hi Cynthia,
      Our Preservation and Conservation: What’s That? exhibition is just about to launch; that’s the one that will be up in June. There may be some more “mini” exhibitions (like the Bolus Head one) up at the same time.
      Some blurb about the Pres and Cons one: “Providing a link between the sciences and the humanities, this exhibition looks at the fascinating and varied activities of the Library’s Preservation and Conservation Department.
      Among the highlights are display cases exploring: the pigments used in manuscript illumination; the conservation of manuscripts, photographs and early printed books; the development of book structures; the analysis of the environment and its effect on collections; the study of Old Library dust; and the impact of the Save the Treasures campaign on the preservation of the collection in the Long Room.
      The exhibition promises a rare glimpse of items not usually seen while offering an introduction into the world and work of the conservators.”
      So there you go :)

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