New Photocopying/Printing Service Imminent – Use Up Your Current Cards!

From the start of September, a new printing and copying service will come into operation in the Library (and elsewhere in College). The new system uses electronic payments, so for example students will be able to top up an account at a machine in a copying room or online. HOWEVER, current photocopying cards supplied by Kopikat will not be compatible with this system so we strongly urge you to use up these cards this month.

9 thoughts on “New Photocopying/Printing Service Imminent – Use Up Your Current Cards!

  1. Will we be able to have the same credit over all copiers/printers in College, instead of two accounts? i.e. will it be linked to the computer room printers?

    • Hi Charly,
      Such is my understanding – I believe new machines are being installed everywhere in College, but I’m not really privy to details. Just thought we’d give everyone a heads-up so they aren’t left with Kopikat credit they can’t use!

  2. What about a money back deal on the old cards. The service was bad enough to begin with and this adds insult to injury

    • I’m afraid that looks unlikely as these are private companies supplying the service – hence us making this announcement so users have time to finish their old cards. Please don’t shoot the messenger!

  3. In fairness, students have paid money to KopiKat in good faith. Many are away on holidays at the moment and not able to use the copying service before the end of August. They expect to be able to use their card when they return to College. KopiKat should be asked to refund credit on existing cards. An issue the SU and GSU should look into.



  4. Please tell me that the money we have on our ID cards for ricoh will still be able to be used up longer than the next four days? Thanks.

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