Searching the Library’s Collections – 2. Classic Catalogue

Formerly known as the “Library Catalogue”.

For those looking for a more traditional interface we would suggest using the Classic Catalogue rather than Stella Search. Its initial search screen allows you to submit queries under Keyword, Author, Title and Subject and to search across all our collections.

For more structured queries we recommend the Advanced Search option. This will enable you to  limit by Library Location, Format, Language, Year of Publication, and Publisher. You can make use of multiple Boolean operators and pre-sort your results by Date, Relevance, or Title.

You can also e-mail records and save preferred searches to your Library Account, which is accessible from both the Catalogue and the Library Website.

9 thoughts on “Searching the Library’s Collections – 2. Classic Catalogue

    • Hi Nicole,

      We just haven’t turned that function on yet, should be up and running soon. It’s the same story as ASR – we have to get it working perfectly before we launch it, or people will get very annoyed!

  1. hi,

    I’m concerned with the sane things as Nicole is. I am trying to get my lit. review completed and there are a number of books that I had reserved before the library was completely rearranged. Now my reserves have been cancelled and I can’t get the books I need as they aren’t back yet. I need them before September 1st which I’m sure will not happen even though I’ve been waiting most of July and August for them. What date approximately will there be a reserve button so at least I can have them for the middle of Septemebr when they are brought back?

    Thank you for your help.

    • We are working very hard to get the reservations function working as quickly as possible – it is all tied up with ASR. We are disappointed that ASR has been delayed, but it is important that we get the complexities right in the new system. It is unfortunate that you are so dependent on this function just now – and we do apologise.
      Trevor Peare
      Keeper (Readers’ Services)

  2. Good morning,
    I am trying to place some requests for reserved reading material (Stacks and Santry) from home but I am afraid I cannot find the “Request” button on any of the books records. Is this due to the fact that there has been a further delay in the implementation of this feature and if so when do you expect to get it up and running? Since I need to borrow the books quite urgently I presume I am going to have to use call slips?
    Thank you

  3. You used to have a very useful list of links to other libraries (e.g. Brit. Lib, Lib of Congr., etc.etc.) that offered access to their on line catalogues. The list may still be somewhere on your new web pages, but I haven’t been able to find it? Am I blind, or is it not there? If it’s not there it would be most useful if it could be re-introduced.

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